2010-10-19 00:38:4890-130 cm sea level rise by 2100 under A1B (Grinsted, Moore, Jevrejeva)
Mark Richardson


They fit an empirical model to observations of the past, check it against recent sea level rise and use it to project future sea levels, expecting 90-130 cm under A1B.


As a reminder, A1B ain't the hottest the IPCC expect, it ends up about 1 C cooler than A1F1 by 2100.



Another one to add to the list then...

2010-10-19 01:54:14Comment
Robert Way

A great article,
Another nail in the coffin of the original hockey stick i'm afraid
2010-10-19 08:05:56
Rob Painting
Huh?, so places such as the Netherlands were under water 800 years ago?. Maybe, I need to sit down and read it, rather than skim. I was looking at their reconstruction of the last 2000 years.