2010-10-16 09:41:55New GISS paper - Atmospheric CO2: Principal Control Knob Governing Earth's Temperature
Dana Nuccitelli

Lacis, Schmidt, Rind, and Ruedy from NASA GISS have a new paper out called Atmospheric CO2: Principal Control Knob Governing Earth’s Temperature.  Unfortunately it's behind a Science paywall.  They've got a useful related science brief though.

Can anyone provide the full paper?  I think it would make for a good blog post.

2010-10-16 13:39:14
Rob Painting
I think it will make a great post, although it will bring out all the anti-model sentiment from the resident skeptics. Which is always a good thing.  Can't help with the full paper though.
2010-10-16 16:50:07
Ari Jokimäki


The second paper mentioned has also been published in JGR. Here's the GISS page (with full text link):