2010-10-05 19:05:09Pageview stats on comments threads (eg - how many people are looking at page 2, 3, etc)
John Cook

There was some discussion on the moderation forum about how many people look at page 2, 3, etc of the comments threads. Eg - is it worth spending a lot of time arguing deep into comments threads - is anyone actually looking that deep into comments threads? As usual, while there are plenty of other things I should be working on, the idea of all this data going uncaptured was eating away at me so I quickly threw in some code to track pageviews on each page of the comments threads and a page that displays all the pageviews. It aint pretty but the raw data is all there if you're interested. Just look for the Pageviews link in the left margin. It started collecting data a few hours ago today.
2010-10-05 20:53:33


Duplicating this paean from the other thread because it's deserved, I want to make sure John sees it.


I've worked w/coders quite a bit. It's an old saw in software development circles that a certain few coders are 10 times as productive as others, John's clearly one of those; this happened with incredible speed and despite John's remark about "it ain't pretty" as usual it's nicely clean and crisp looking.

Truly awesome, John. Thank You! 



2010-10-05 21:36:15
Rob Painting
Very cool. I sometimes find it hard not to respond to skeptic trolling, so interesting to see whether the effort is worth it. 
2010-10-05 22:12:29

Great, pretty or not it might be.
2010-10-05 22:34:27


Having delivered praise, of course I'm now going to make YAS (yet another suggestion). 

If the code requirement is -low- it would be cool if the boxes representing hypothetically populated comments pages were colored so as to indicate whether that page actually exists.

The value of this would lie in helping to discover whether archaic blog posts or static rebuttal pages attract visits to deep comment pages after the initial flurry of activity from initial publication has died away. This would be an indirect means of measuring that because one needs a sense of how old a post or rebuttal is, but us obsessed types have some insight on age of posts. 


Edit: hmm. I didn't explain that very well, and this is a data view that would degrade over time without a bunch of extra work.

Point is, if we see colored boxes w/no views, those are comment pages no longer being read. My suspicion is that that intermediate pages are rarely ever read. Unfortunately that view is a result of having started the page view thing -after- posts were created and comment pages were populated.  

Probably a "never mind"; getting anything meaningful out of longitudinal history of this kind would be too much work.  

2010-10-06 16:28:20Coloured boxes
John Cook

Nice idea, more work though, I might put this low in the to-do list if you don't mind. I really should be concentrating my efforts on contacting climate scientists right now, but I put it off for one day just to get the Pageviews page up, couldn't resist.