2010-10-05 11:27:48NODC have updated their ocean heat data
John Cook


I've just been informed that NODC have released their updated OHC data today. I haven't had a look at the data myself but anyone who's interested, feel free to have a play. I believe it can be downloaded from:


2010-10-05 12:11:04


Somebody already dropped in the "Billions of Blow Dryers" thread:

Slightly nicer looking graph, especially shrinkage of the tiresome step 2002-2004.

Scientific progress goes "blink": 


From http://bobtisdale.blogspot.com/

2010-10-05 12:23:24


Description of differences here


Mean difference between seasonal integrals for 1955-2008: 0.51 ±0.12 x 1022J

For period 1955-2003: 0.33 ±0.07 x 1022J

For period 2004-2008: 2.17 ±0.04 x 1022J

Largest differences 2004-2008 in the Southern Hemisphere, where consistent data collection begins ~2004.

Major factor in differences is new/changed data, updated quality control 

Quite a few blow dryers gone but not a upheaval. Watch the eruption of skeptic joy until somebody points out several thousand times that after all, there's no "global cooling" and in fact the myopic 5-year trend line has "improved."

2010-10-05 16:31:15bad for skeptics
Dana Nuccitelli
Indeed, this update is bad for the skeptic argument 'OHC has decreased since 2004'.
2010-10-06 04:47:36
Ari Jokimäki


I think they still can cherry-pick the 3 month data which shows rather high peak at about 2004 and it's "downhill" after that point. I wonder if the Argo corrections are already finished or why did they update the data now? I should check the Argo website.

Oh well, at any case it seems I might have to write a blog post on this tomorrow...