2010-10-04 17:26:09Automatic service - any author can now become a moderator
John Cook


I've just set up a simple page Become a moderator. Look for the link in the left margin. On this page, you'll find a "Sign me up as a moderator" button. Click that and your user account is instantly upgraded to moderator status.

There are no obligations as a moderator. All it means is as you look through the comments threads, you'll see a small form below each comment that lets you delete the comment if it violates the comments policy. So if you're reading through the comments and happen to see a dodgy comment, feel free to delete it. Moderation isn't meant to be too much of a burden - if you're already reading through comments, it just gives you the added ability to cull off dodgy comments. Ideally, we have lots of moderators scattered throughout the world covering lots of time zones so any trolling comments can be headed off at the pass before they spark a flame war.

The reason I'm doing this now is in anticipation of the upcoming Climate Scientists Explain series. Any comments for a climate scientist's blog post will be vetted before they get posted so it would be good to have a number of moderators available to ensure comments don't have to wait too long before going live.

So feel free to give it a try. You can just as easily turn off your moderator status by returning to theĀ  Become a moderator page so it's quick and easy to give it a test drive. Of course, before wielding your new-found powers, you need to read How Moderation Works to understand the various restrictions and guidelines.