2010-10-01 02:40:03WUWT post on sea level rise
Robert Way


25% of sea level rise now accounted for through water extraction?

Interesting if true...
2010-10-01 02:58:35


On the other hand, dam construction has artificially and signficantly constrained sea level rise, that effect now tapering off as we've exploited most of the low-hanging impoundment opportunities. 

Take a look at the comments thread at WUWT and guess whether there's any point in bringing that up... 

2010-10-01 03:12:14

It has been hard to close the budget, I'd not be surprised if this contribution from groundwater depletion turns out to be significant. But lets wait for the paper to learn something more on assumptions and uncertainties.
2010-10-01 03:35:36Comment
Robert Way

There's certainly no point in looking at it yet. I just was kinda asking for peoples opinions. What comments in particular should I be noticing?

2010-10-01 04:25:52
Mark Richardson
I'm looking forwards to reading it. Could be a useful addition to closing the sea level budget! (and could add credence to the paper suggesting calculations based on GRACE could be overestimating ice sheet loss).
2010-10-01 09:28:22Would be interesting to canvas scientists who've tried to close the sea level budget
John Cook

Folks like Cazenave and Josh Willis, I wonder what their reaction to this result is.