2010-09-29 19:32:42A new skeptic argument: "global warming is caused by homosexuality"
John Cook


Apparently, this is a bona fide news article:

Samoan clerics finger homosexuals over global warming

Clerics in the South Pacific have fingered the key cause of climate change - homosexuals. The revelation came at a conference at the University of the South Pacific considering the implications of Climate Change and Creativity. Academics were apparently thrown off their consideration of "Arts in the Age of Global Warming" and "Ecology in Poetry / Poetry in Ecology" by reports of Church Ministers who maintained that climate change in Samoa are clearly attributable to to homosexuals.

Hmm, unfortunate wording there in the headline. 

For the record, no, I'm not adding this as an argument to the database. :-)

2010-09-29 19:50:01
Rob Painting
Pssssst, don't tell Steven Goddard.
2010-09-29 20:25:07


I wonder if this could be tagged on to the upcoming Heartland circus of contrarians in Sydney? Is it too late to suggest invitees?

2010-09-30 01:48:10
Dana Nuccitelli
Hah, makes me wonder if that headline was intentional.  Funny stuff.
2010-09-30 01:59:44

Despite their weird (possibly now fading) attitude regarding climate change (Steven Goddard's first and biggest megaphone) I routinely check the Register for the scandal du jour in the IT world. I assure you the headline was no accident; straight up their alley, so to speak.
2010-09-30 06:37:35
Mark Richardson

I think it's worth an article.

It's no less scientifically ridiculous than many of the arguments you've dealt with.

2010-09-30 06:49:38



I don't think it's worth an article, because:

- Nobody who takes it at all seriously can be convinced by anything we write.

- By responding to it, we would be sending the message, "We think everyone who disagrees with AGW is just like these morons."

- The above is a bad message: Disrespectful of our target audience.

We gain nothing from such an article.


2010-09-30 09:22:15Concur with Neal
John Cook

I didn't mention it as an idea for an article, I just thought it was so ridiculous, it was worth mentioning for a laugh. If it's real (and I still wonder if it may be a hoax), anyone who subscribes to such a view is an obvious nutter, a religious bigot and a homophobe. They don't deserve attention and we don't want to give them oxygen.
2010-09-30 11:29:38Motion carried to table possible "faux" article
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Too many nutters already on Skeptical Science as it is (shrugs).  

Back to perfecting my Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator...

The Yooper



2010-09-30 17:49:57
Mark Richardson

I was largely joking, but in hindsight it could be a useful example in a 'correlation doesn't mean causation' article.

And the title is fantastic! Dirty clerics.