2010-09-24 11:46:07New research on solar effect on climate: expect to be taken out of context by skeptics
John Cook


New Scientist report on research indicating sun has more than previously thought effect on regional climate change:


and more details here:


It makes it pretty clear that the effect on global temperatures is minimal. Nevertheless, expect the provocative headlines to be like a red rag to a bull on skeptic blogs.

One question - the article states that they don't include solar variations in climate models. But the GISS forcings include TSI radiative forcing so I assumed that was included in the climate forcings.

2010-09-24 13:28:27

Sometimes I wonder if there should be a special "Red Alert: DefCon IV, Incoming!" thread here. 
2010-09-24 14:03:39LOL, it's funny cause it's true :-)
John Cook

Seriously though, that was my thinking behind having some kind of "rapid response system", having a large team of authors so there would always be someone available to whip up a blog post to put these kinds of issues into context. We're not quite there yet but this forum is a big step in the right direction.
2010-09-25 05:05:51solar variations
Dana Nuccitelli

I presume they're referring to short-term solar variations not being included in climate models.  I'm not sure why they would be, considering that we can't predict these variations very far in advance, nor do they have any impact on long-term temperatures.  But I guess it's an important thing to try and model when projecting future weather changes.

This article is very clear that the Sun can't account for global warming, but it will be interesting to see if skeptics produce an article which claims otherwise based on this research.  I think more likely they'll use it as an excuse to attack climate models again.