2010-09-20 07:07:33Another Hockey Stick
Rob Painting

This time in the deep waters of the gulf of St Lawrence. Had a free link to a copy of the paper yesterday, but it's now gone bye byes. Oh well.

http://www.agu.org/pubs/crossref/2010/2010GL044771.shtml Twentieth century warming in deep waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence: A unique feature of the last millennium

Thibodeau 2010

2010-09-20 08:10:41Been reading that one last night
John Cook

Was thinking of doing a blog post "An underwater hockey stick" on this one but if anyone else wants to grab it, just start a thread on the blog post forum to avoid duplication (you're welcome to, it's not like I've got dibs or anything, am quite happy to do other stuff like continue developing the forum)