2010-09-07 09:31:59Request for feedback on advanced rebuttal 'runaway warming'
John Cook

Although most of the action is happening in the Basic Rebuttals forum, there is a bit of momentum developing in the Advanced Rebuttals forum also. Dana is posting some fantastic work and Neal has just posted a revision of a rebuttal to a new argument "Positive feedback leads to runaway warming". Would be great if everyone could drop by, read the latest revision (halfway down the thread, ignore the initial post which is the first draft) and post feedback. The plan is to start with the Advanced rebuttal then once that's finalised, we'll create the basic and intermediate versions.
2010-09-07 09:59:21also solar effects
Dana Nuccitelli
Also if anybody knows of any other theories as to how the Sun influences the global climate besides through solar irradiance and galactic cosmic rays, I'd appreciate feedback in the advanced "it's the Sun" rebuttal thread.