2010-08-23 09:10:11Resources tab
Michael Searcy


One of the great things about John's site has always been that he has thoroughly backed up his Intermediate posts with in-line references to related studies, etc.  However, it can be difficult to separate these references from the article itself.

I was thinking about the possibility of adding a fourth tab to each argument, titled "Resources".  It could have an orange rectangular icon to align with the current ski slope theme.  The Resources tab could contain links to research facilities, data sources, public reports, published papers, media articles, etc.  Ideally, these would be categorized by link type.  And, like John's current link editor, when entering one you would be able to select multiple arguments to which it applies.

I know that there already is the "Links" page, but I was thinking the Resources tab would only contain data supportive of the AGW theory and the arguments presented on the B/I/A tabs, and the tab would closely associate the argument with locations where additional information can be found and personal research / education performed.


2010-08-23 09:42:28The data for a resources tab
John Cook


Firstly, let me say the data already exists for such an idea - I've got a database of links related to each skeptic argument and all the links are sorted into different categories - blog/peer-review/mainstream media/ etc. And with the firefox plugin coming, that database will hopefully become even more comprehensive as people add in climate pages as they surf around.

So the main question is not 'can we do it?' but 'should we do it?' Will it make the page too complicated? Or would it be a valuable resource. Comments welcome :-)

Lastly, Michael, thanks for the idea - am loving that this forum gives everyone the opportunity to come up with creative ways to make climate science more accessible to people.

2010-08-23 17:39:25Priorities
Graham Wayne
I like this idea, but I wonder if there aren't more valuable things to do right now. In particular (I've said this elsewhere, sorry for the repetition) I keep noticing that many of the intermediates do not refer to recent research or findings. Bringing these up to date might be a better use of valuable resources (us!) if we could contribute to the process of getting stuff up to date - and hopefully keeping it that way.
2010-08-25 08:02:56
Michael Searcy


I agree that the arguments are definitely the priority, but, if John already has a lot of the data and the plug-in makes additions simple (it does), it may be a nice addition that we could get without too much expenditure of effort (Not sure how much work the new tab would require, John. :)).

If we wait until all of the arguments are completed and current, we'll likely find ourselves in an infinite loop.

2010-08-25 11:17:20Comment
Robert Way

I think for now we just should have a main link on the heading bar for the entire site next to say translation or something that says climate data. There we have links to all the usual crowd... hadleys data, giss data, NOAA paleoclimate, the NOAA state of the climate report data and others...