2010-08-20 10:25:16Forum glitch fixed (pagination now added)
John Cook


We just went past the magic #50th thread which broke my pagination code at the bottom of the page. It's now fixed - you can visit older thread via the page numbers at the bottom. Keep an eye on this - if pending rebuttals look like they're going to drop off the bottom, bump them to the top (preferably with a comment or thumbs up).

Just a quick note to say also that although it's barely over a week old, this forum has been absolutely amazing. When the idea of doing plain english rebuttals was first suggested to me, there were two thoughts that made it so enticing despite all the extra work. First was that we need to be reaching the average person more than anyone - this website can't be written just for climate wonks. But I also had in the back of my mind the intriguing possibility of what might happen if you put together a bunch of motivated people who were passionate about climate. Like all social media experiments, you just can't know how it's going to turn out but so far, the output of fantastic content and the collaborative discussion that is refining and adding to the content just blows me away. Both the quality of the content and the speed with which it's being produced is amazing.

So many thanks to everyone who's contributed to the forum so far (or as I like to think of you all, the Climate Super Friends :-)

2010-08-20 17:18:27Constructive
Graham Wayne

You know, the thing that strikes me most about this project is the positive atmosphere. I spent so much time in bitter, vitriolic arguments in the Guardian threads (Anne-Marie is also a veteran of those 'wars') that I got really depressed sometimes, and quite arsey too - not to my credit at all, but bloody hell some people were just really outrageous.

Thing about this is how nice it is to work with people who are committed, kind, thoughtful and friendly, without compromise and certainly critical in a constructive way, yet always positive. This is actually fun!