2010-08-17 10:53:24Recommended approach to get rebuttals to completion
John Cook


I'm still getting a feel for the ebb and flow for how the forum will operate but this is the general sense I'm getting. Someone posts a rebuttal, others post feedback, gets updated by the original author. Once a rebuttal gets to a certain point, people start giving it the thumbs up. What's important at this point is that other authors who haven't given the thumbs-up come check out the rebuttal and either give more feedback or approve it - so that we can get the rebuttal to the point of 5 thumbs-up. Once an argument is approved, it will gradually sink to the bottom of the forum. So to keep the work flowing in a positive direction, can I suggest the following:

When you visit the forum, make a point of checking out threads with a some thumbs-up (that you haven't given thumbs-up yet). If you deem the rebuttal good to go, approve it with a thumbs-up. If not, post a comment. This way, we can get rebuttals through peer-review with a bit more focus and direction.

If you've approved all the green thumbed rebuttals, next have a look at the rebuttals languishing towards the bottom that have no thumbs-up - either approve or post a comment. This will bump it to the top so other authors can also give it some love and attention