2010-08-16 01:58:46Sea Ice on Fool Me Once
Alden Griffith


Hi folks - here's a preview of my next installment at www.fool-me-once.com on sea ice.  If you get a chance to watch it, please let me know of any major problems.  I'm likely to go live with it quite soon though.



John - I'm not sure if I have the time right now to write a separate post on this for skepticalscience.  I may be able to in the future.



2010-08-16 04:24:50Pretty persuasive


Persuasive and does not rely on rhetoric or selective disclosure to make the case, either.

I especially like the month-by-month decline presentation as well as the "1% of available data" point. That 1% remark is especially telling. 

2010-08-16 06:29:57it's up
Alden Griffith


Thanks Doug!  I've just put it up for all to see at fool me once.  Maybe I can expect a 500 page rebuttal from Monckton sometime soon....