2010-08-16 00:32:04Preview of multiple levels: 1998 hottest year on record
John Cook


I've reprogrammed the argument rebuttal page to show multiple levels and applied it to the 1998 is warmest year on record, using John Russell's rebuttal. You can check out a preview of how it will look at:


If no level is specified, it defaults to the lowest possible level. I added in the ski level graphics and used the ski colour scheme (green/blue/black) as it visually reinforces the different skill levels. Every little bit helps.

My current plan (open to suggestions) is as each rebuttal is approved, it's published in a blog post at the same time that it goes live in the rebuttal section. So the blog post would take a form something like this:


Note - I don't think it essential to include (Basic Version) in the blog title of every one of these blog posts. On the contrary, I think it would be more effective if we could come up with catchy headlines for each blog post. I find if you come up with a creative headline, it's that much more tweetable which helps get your material in front of more eyeballs.

Anyway, I'm excited that the system is now on the verge of going live and welcome any feedback/suggestions before we take the plunge.

2010-08-16 03:19:00Headlines
Graham Wayne

Take your point about tweets and headlines. I've gone through the rebuttals I've done so far and put a provocative title at the head. Think the new argument page looks good...

(PS - should the blog posts have more obvious links to the intermediate argument - at the end, for example?)

2010-08-16 04:13:04Ah!


That looks good!

I also see that my fear about discussion comment thread forking was unfounded, the single thread is about the same topic, of course. I'm not sure how I dreamed up that non-problem.

That being said, let me ask another question. If  the objective of the "Basic" presentation is to supply a simplified rebuttal with minimum complications, should the discussion thread appear on that tab?

I ask because while in an ideal world the "comments" thread would be used by people asking followup questions rather than conveying pure rhetoric or rhetorical questions, we know this is not true. I would guess that honest questions appear at a ratio of perhaps 1:100 comments, or less. So it may be that having the comments thread appear in the "Basic" tab complicates and even may confuse readers. Perhaps a -link- to the comments thread at bottom would be better or just let it appear naturally on the "Intermediate" and "Advanced" tabs?