2010-08-13 01:00:01Forum posts are now editable...
John Cook


I've updated the forum so you can now edit your forum posts. Just look for the small Edit link in the bottom right corner of your own posts. Clicking this will replace the bottom 'Add New Post' form with a "Edit Post" form with your existing content populating the form. Make the changes, hit 'Update Post' and it updates your post. This will enable you to update your initial Basic Rebuttals incorporating other author's comments.

Note: if you're updating a rebuttal, I suggest also adding a reply to that thread to let people know you've updated it - plus it pushes your thread to the top of the forum.

Next feature, thumbs up peer-review. Getting closer to the system having all the bells and whistles required to take rebuttals to full completion.

BTW, let me say I'm really excited by how this forum is developing - seeing all the content being added plus the collaboration and feedback. I've become increasingly convicted that the plain English versions are crucial to climate outreach and I think/hope this collaboration will make a significant difference to the effort to educate the public about climate. :-)