2010-08-10 18:48:11Suggestions - Forum handling and look & feel


New thread to collect suggestions for the forum

Here are some ideas:

  • Show an icon for new threads or threads including new posts (it's difficult to memorize the timestamps for last activities as more threads show up - not to mention that I always have to recalculate the time!)
  • Divide the "Authors" forum into separate sub-forums so that there is eg. one for just the rebuttals (perhaps even broken down by one sub-sub-forum for each level?), one for the general information about "how" to tackle this task, one for forum-related threads like eg. suggestions and announcements and others we think make sense. If the forum is not subdivided it will get unwieldy sooner rather than later as we'll have to scroll up and down a lot all the time.
  • Ability to preview a post would be nice

2010-08-11 15:26:50Great ideas
John Cook

All good ideas, Baerbel, will get onto these asap - first priority is to set up the rebuttal list so you can insert your rebuttals directly into the database. Then I'll get to the job of refining and improving the forum. Thanks!
2010-08-11 23:57:56Hey John
Robert Way

How is everyone embedding images here. When I click the insert picture button it asks me for a URL but what if it's on my computer?
2010-08-18 00:41:06Marking the published BASIC rebuttals as complete?

Would it be possible and feasible to somehow mark the signed-off and/or published BASIC rebuttals as complete in the forum? It would make it easier to  keep track of them while browsing the forums. This might be as simple (?) as updating the thread's title with a word like "PUBLISHED" where some now show "REVISED". Signed-Off but not yet published ones could be marked as "QUEUED for publickation" or something like that.
2010-08-19 16:54:47
Ari Jokimäki

Ok, I'm sick and tired of coming up different phrases when I just want to post a thumbs up. The forum software doesn't accept posts with same content twice and it also requires that post has some content. Initially I was going to just write 'thumbs up' for each thumbs up post but the software doesn't allow that so I have to come up with something different every time. Perhaps I should start to use a numbering scheme for my thumbs up posts.
2010-08-19 17:06:18Double posts
John Cook

Time to dig out the thesaurus, Ari :-)

2010-08-20 06:43:14Date and Timestamp for updated posts and previews?

When I was just reading the draft for one of the rebuttals, it was difficult to tell whether the text in the thread or the one in the rebuttal-preview was the most current version. Could it make sense (and is it feasible software-wise?) to add a date and timestamp to any updated posts and previews - eg. last changed on/at? It could also be helpful if a note could be added of why the post was changed and/or what the change was. The update-reason could be optional but the date/timestamp should be automated to keep the timestamps consistent and within the same timezone.
2010-08-20 08:59:54


Something to bear in mind is that substantial investments in coding effort should be balanced against the relatively ephemeral nature of the present activity level here.

That being said, if the same database field containing the preview argument was also the field containing a given rebuttal thread's first post by the author of the rebuttal, the two would be synchronized automatically. To make this reasonable from a coding perspective would require the  author's first post to be the first draft of the rebuttal. 

But again, is the investment worth it? Over the long run maybe but there's only a single coder working on this project.