2011-03-30 11:04:54Adding a translator
John Cook


This isn't something you guys need to worry about yet but I'm just adding this documentation for future reference, plus in case I get hit by a bus or whatever.

How to add a translator (so they can add translations of rebuttals/blogs)

  • Ask the translator to register a SkS user account.
  • Search via the left margin for their email or user account to bring up their user account. Ensure their User Level is set to Translator (or higher, eg - Pending Author or above).
  • Next, you have to assign them to a particular language. Go to Admin.
  • Click on Language Maps.
  • Click on Add Language Map.
  • Select their Username, their language, click 'Add Language Map'.
  • They now have access to Translation Admin. I usually send them email to this effect:

I've updated your user account so you now have access to the Translation Admin. Next time you login, you should see a Translation Admin link in the left margin. Follow that  (or just go to http://www.skepticalscience.com/admin_translate.php) and you can start adding translations immediately. The translations are only visible to the general public if you set "Availability" to yes. This enables you to preview your translations as you're working on them. Once you've made a translation available, a flag will appear at the top of the page (both for the original English and any other translations).

I have a short help page on the whole translation process at:


There’s also a private forum for translators to discuss any issues or suggest updates to the system: