2011-02-08 17:45:37Editing the Forum
John Cook


Superadmins can edit any forum post. This allows us to use the forum as a form of wiki. Particular instances where this is useful:

  • The "Upcoming Blog Posts This Week" thread. Each week, a new thread will be started in Blog Posts outlining upcoming blog posts. The initial post will be regularly updated as new posts are submitted and developments change the schedule. So all Superadmins are welcome to edit this thread, to add their own posts or respond to posts by other authors by updating the schedule. There is no real set rule about how the blog schedule works so feel free to get in there and add posts in there however you see fit.
  • Move threads to an appropriate forum. Sometimes to keep the forum neat and tidy, certain threads are best moved to more appropriate sub-forums. When you're looking at the list of threads, you'll see Edit | Delete to the right of each thread. Click Edit, then select a new Topic to move it to that forum (in the database, forums are called Topics).
  • Maintain and Improve the Admin forum. This forum is meant to be a "User Manual" for how to run Skeptical Science. So feel free to start new threads or edit existing threads to add instructions on how to do certain things on Skeptical Science.