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Establishing Competency

A couple months ago I contacted a scientist asking to examine the data used in three papers which made up the bulk of her PhD dissertation. The initial response contained this:

Thank you very much for your email and interest in our publications.

We follow ethical guidelines from the American Psychological Association, and we are happy to share our data to other competent researchers. Would you please indicate your background and outline how you plan to use the data?

Which struck me as odd as I have no idea how one would determine which people are "competent researchers." I was pessimistic about this response as it seemed like this might be used as an excuse for not sharing data with me, but fortunately, the issue of whether or not I am a "competent" researcher never came up again.

After examining the data for these three papers, I came to the conclusion the papers were fundamentally flawed in a way which invalidated their analysis and conclusions. I informed the author of this thesis of my concerns and tried to give her time to examine the issue privately. I believe several months was long enough so now I'd like to discuss the matter in public. Hopefully, this will demonstrate I am in fact competent.
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The Absurdity of "Science's" Defenders

The tagline for this blog is "Thoughts on This Insane World." I don't emphasize it that often, but I believe the world is completely and utterly insane. I often feel like a battered wife, frightened and rendered helpless by a seemingly schizophrenic world able to function because of a thin mask of civility and sanity everyone can see through but chooses not to.

I don't emphasize that much though because there's really not much more to say than that. Today, however, I'd like to take a minute to discuss an example of why I feel that way. It's a great example because it shows how things which are utterly absurd are accepted in this world without question or hesitations.
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