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Dean Koontz is a Terrible Writer, Part Two

My last post on this topic was a little unfair. While I'm not sure there is a writer talented enough to express how horrible much of what Dean Koontz writes is, the truth is there is a reason Koontz has sold millions and millons of books - he has a lot of talent. The problem is he often uses that talent to write the worst garbage he could possible write.
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Dean Koontz is a Terrible Writer, Part One

Some new medication I'm on has been making it difficult to focus so I haven't been able to do the normal sort of stuff. Happily, that's let me catch up on some of my fiction reading. One thing I like about reading fiction over non-fiction is I generally don't have to try to think about or process details and comprehend things for future use - I just have to read the story and enjoy it.

Of course, even when feeling somewhat stoned, I can't really turn off my brain. That's why I want to tell you a bit about how bad this Dean Koontz book I'm reading is. This isn't like the last couple books I told you a bit about. The difference is those books, however entertaining they may or may not have been, were non-fiction. They were supposed to convey information. This book, titled Deeply Odd isn't. Dean Koontz is a fiction writer, and as such, his only obligation is to entertain his readers. He just needs to be fun. And he isn't. Not even sort of.
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