I believe all people, no matter how different their views, can truly understand one another if they wish to. One of the easiest ways to do so is to state what one believes as simply and clearly as possible. I suspect most debates would be more productive if people would do so. Based on this view, I've decided to try boiling down a number of arguments into easily accessible overviews. They won't explain everything there is to know, but they will (hopefully) allow people who don't follow certain topics to quickly get caught up on the general issues.

My first attempt discusses a narrow aspect of the global warming debate known as the Hockey Stick Controversy. It has the unimaginative title, The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Introduction to the Hockey Stick. It is only an introduction, but it should lay the groundwork out for people to understand why this controversy began. I hope to have a second part published before long which will show why the controversy has continued to this day.

May 28th: I'm happy to say I've just published the second part of my overview of the Hockey Stick Controversy. I don't know if there's much call for a third part, but I am toying around with the idea of writing an eBook on the supposed "consensus" on global warming. We'll see how things go.

August 24th, 2016: I forgot to add a link to an eBook I published earlier this year. It's a book examining some of the issues surrounding the "consensus" on global warming. Specifically, it examines how people pushing the "consensus" message behave in order to push their message. This eBook is a bit different from my last two in that it is told more in the first person as I was personally involved in some of the incidents it covers. I'm still not sure if that's good or bad.


  1. Brandon, I believe your goal is right on target. With the fast past of research and ever-growing indexes of climate observation, there is a unique niche to be filled, that of translator. As a reporting expert you are for the newly uninitiated you are the best. There is always a market for truth and eloquence.

    I think an excellent example of effective communication is in the style of David Evans in this youtube interview for the 50 to 1 Project here.

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