Smelter Agreement

Deductions from the total amount of metal contained in the metal payment clause vary from hut to hut and country to country, but generally reflect not only metallurgical considerations, but also the state of market supply and demand. The price base also varies from market to market. U.S. huts generally base the copper payment either on a comex quote or on the U.S. production price. Recent trends point in the direction of a quote based on comex. Canadian producers used a mix of quotes based on U.S., Canadian and London (LME) prices, while the "global market" uses LME quotes. Alcoa and the San Ciprián Works Council met during the formal consultation period that took place on June 25 June 6, 2020 began discussing a proposed restructuring aimed at ending the persistent and recurring financial losses in the cabin and finding a solution for the company and its employees. Copper mines in China are facing very thin margins and declining profits due to low processing fees paid by miners to turn the concentrate into refined metal. BEIJING/LONDON (Reuters) - Copper mining company Codelco cannot extend a deal to supply copper concentrate to China`s Shandong Fangyuan for 2020 due to financial problems in the private hut, three sources with knowledge of the matter said. PITTSBURGH--(BUSINESS WIRE)-The last meeting of the formal consultation period on mass layoffs at the San Ciprián aluminum plant in Spain ended on August 4, 2020 without an agreement with workers` representatives. the duration of more contracts is shorter; It is rare to see contracts with a duration of more than 5 or 7 years - most are between 2 and 3 years.

This is of course due to market uncertainty, the current imbalance in market supply and the huts that are not able to engage in such free conditions. The Bolidener Rönnskär hut in Skelleftehamn on the Baltic Sea is one of the most successful copper producers in the world. Here, hundreds of panel heat exchangers from Alfa Laval and other manufacturers are in operation to cool different copper and zinc smelting processes. Most heat exchangers are equipped with titanium plates to prevent corrosion, as seawater is used. Net Smelter Return (NSR) is the net sales revenue received by the owner of a mining land from the sale of the mine`s metal/non-metallic products, net of transportation and refining costs. As a royalty, this is the portion of the net return on the merger that a mine operator must pay to the owner of the licence agreement. The royalty is paid in variable or fixed payments based on the proceeds of the sale that a mine operator receives in return for mine production. It depends solely on the selling price and the quantity of the product sold. [1] Trafigura Pte Ltd., the global leader in the global commodities industry, this week signed with Trafigura Investment (China) Co Ltd.

an agreement to acquire a 30% stake in Jinchuan Group`s new copper smelter in Fangchengang, People`s Republic of China. . . .