Sign On Bonus Agreement Template

(i) [step 1] within [10] days of the parties signing this Agreement, 1st signing bonus. The company pays the manager a signing bonus in the amount of $[SIGNING BONUS AMOUNT] when signing this agreement. (b) instalment payments. The company pays the signing bonus in three installments: the clause may also include a recovery that requires the reimbursement of a proportional amount if the manager`s employment relationship ends before a given period. In order to ensure reimbursement and prevent disputes, employers can either pay the bonus in instalments or offset periodic payments with the repayment obligation. (c) compensation. The Board of Directors shall authorise the undertaking to deduct and reduce without delay all amounts otherwise due to the Board of Directors together with all amounts due to the undertaking when the signature premium is reimbursed. If the clause does not contain a recovery clause, the manager can probably keep the bonus even if the employment relationship ends shortly after the contract is signed. (b) reimbursement. Where the director voluntarily terminates his employment relationship with the company for any reason or the director`s employment relationship with the company is terminated by the director for a significant reason before the first anniversary of this agreement, the director shall return to the company a sum of $ [SIGNING BONUS AMOUNT] by the fraction whose counter is equal to 365 minus the number of days; where the officer was employed by the company.

and the payer is 365. The officer must make this reimbursement within [90] days of the termination of his employment relationship. 1. Signing bonus. The company pays the manager a signing bonus in the amount of $[SIGNING BONUS AMOUNT] when signing this agreement. After the receipts are submitted, the company will also pay a maximum of dollars [MAXIMUM REIMBURSEMENT OF LEGAL FEES] to reimburse the executive for legal fees incurred during the negotiation of this agreement. The bonus signing clause of an executive employment agreement contains two main elements, a) the bonus amount and (b) the payment date. . . .

(iii) (iii) [amount 3 spleens 3] on [instalment 3 payment date] (each payment, a "instalment payment" and the date on which each payment is scheduled, a "tempetative bonus payment date"). . (c) authorization to sign bonuses. The manager must be employed by the company on the date of payment of the phased signing bonus in order to be entitled to receive the corresponding temperance candy. If, for any reason, its employment relationship ends before [rate 3 payment date], the board of directors shall reimburse the company, within [30] days of the end, a proportionate portion of the immediately preceding temperance premium paid to the director, based on the number of days during which he or she was employed by the date of payment of the temperance bonus immediately prior to the date of termination. with the exception that the executive is not required to make the initial signing bonus. . . . (ii) [step 2] on [date of payment Der Rate 2] and . .