Rural Delivery Service Agreement Nz

Door delivery is only available if the property is located in an area where an existing rural delivery service passes and where the mailbox can be serviced easily and safely from a vehicle (see requirements and voicemail location). There are no specific requirements in secondary education to become a courier or delivery person, but mathematics and English are useful. If you are accepted for the service, you will be informed of your correct postal address. Don`t forget to redirect your email to your new mailing address. A transmission form can be completed online or at your local post office. You must provide some form of identification. "It may seem strange to readers, but it`s part of the agreement we have with other postal operators who want to use our service for final delivery." You can buy a voicemail specially designed for rural areas in selected retail and hardware outlets. Couriers and deliverers must have knowledge about: sorting, collecting and delivering mail, parcels, parcels and other goods to households and businesses. The chances of getting a job as a courier or delivery man are slim, because: "We pride ourselves on offering a high level of service and we are really sorry that we were neglected in this case. Experienced couriers and delivery drivers can move on to training, supervising or management roles. There are a number of rural delivery services for existing and new rural customers, as some addresses are isolated, the receipt of the service is not automatic, and it may not always be possible to provide a mail delivery service at your door. * You can purchase or build your own rural mailbox, provided it meets the specifications of New Zealand Post Limited. Specially built rural mailboxes can be purchased at selected hardware and retail outlets throughout the country.

For more information, please contact our National Contact Centre. Couriers and delivery drivers may perform some or all of the following conditions: Courier drivers may need their own vehicle (e.g. B a pickup truck), a dangerous goods confirmation (D) and a cargo service licence. Don`t forget to redirect your email to your new mailing address. A diversion form can be completed online or at your local post office after setting up your rural delivery. Couriers who run a small delivery business need technical skills. New Zealand Post is the leading postal service provider in New Zealand and a major employer of couriers and delivery agents. Useful experience for couriers and delivery drivers includes: If you live in rural New Zealand, Rural Post can provide your CourierPost mail and items as well as a pickup service for outgoing items and CourierPost for free. Rural Couriers Society Limited is a cooperative open to membership from all rural delivery companies. The number of shares to which each member is entitled depends on the numbers of the box holders.

One action per 4 boxholder. Despite this, Pullar contacted PBT Couriers, who said NZ Post`s procedures meant they had to deal directly with the state postal service, not with them as a customer. . . .