Uk New Zealand Social Security Agreement

The United Kingdom has agreements on national insurance and entitlement to benefits with the following non-EEA countries: for migrants covered by a reciprocal agreement, contributions made to social security authorities in the United Kingdom and the country of origin under the agreement are counted when determining the right to benefits payable by each country. The agreement contains detailed rules for different types of benefits and information on whether a worker is receiving benefits from the UK or his country of origin. This Convention does not apply to the legislation of the Council of the European Communities on social security, nor to a social security agreement concluded by a party with a third party, nor to laws or regulations that amend the legislation covered in paragraph 1, paragraph (i) ) for the purposes of the application of such an agreement, but does not prevent, under their legislation, , to take into account the provisions of another agreement. that this party concluded with a third party. "competent authority": the authority responsible for social security schemes throughout the territory of each contracting party; In other words, with regard to the United Kingdom, the Secretary of State for Social Services, the Department of Health and Social Services for Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man Board of Social Security, as the case, and, in the case of New Zealand, the Social Security Commission; All of these agreements are based on the concept of shared responsibility. Responsibility-sharing agreements are reciprocal. Under each agreement, partner countries make concessions to their social security qualification rules, so that those covered by the agreement have access to payments to which they may not be entitled. The responsibility for social security is thus distributed among the countries in which a person has lived during his or her working years and where the person is able to obtain potential rights. In general, it is possible to access a pension from a country in the second country, although the paying country retains some discretion as to the exchange and delivery mechanisms used. Australia currently has 31 bilateral international social security agreements. New Zealand and South Korea have also signed a social security agreement. This will come into effect in 2021.

The agreement with New Zealand deals with the UK`s national legislation on the consideration of social security contributions. There is a list of countries with which the UK has GOV.UK social security agreements. You can contact the International Pension Centre for more information on the situation when you enter such a country. If you are normally self-employed in a country with a valid social security contract with the UK and you will also be self-employed in the UK, you may not have to pay UK NIC.