Article 17 Agreement Water Service

6. In determining the amount of equalization water required under paragraph 5, point a), consideration should be taken into account the amount of offset water required by paragraph 5 , point a) - 3. Allowances and allowances as well as pensions, allowances or benefits that the department can set with the agreement of the Ministry of Finance104 are paid to a member of the Commission or for its distribution. (c) the value of the waterway or water for amenities, recreation and the protection of nature; There are two relevant legislative acts that you will refer to us today. Imagine that 2007 is the turning year, if you will. Prior to 2007, we were governed by the Order of Water and Sewerage (Northern Ireland) Order 1973. I will explain the relevance of section 17 and the obligations in one minute. With the creation of Northern Ireland Water as a public company in 2007, the legislation has changed somewhat. We are subject to the Water and Sewerage Services (Northern Ireland) Order 2006. Our Legal-Telemetry team is in contact with our clients` legal team and Anglian Water Legal regarding the creation and distribution of all channel launch and diversion agreements.

Ms. Venning: Yes. From our point of view, we only need the borrowing facility and the most important thing is that the value of the loan must be sufficient to cover the recovery work. The thing to understand is that we do not have a large pot of bonds, and for example, if the loan on a site is 1000 dollars and, on your site, is 2000 dollars and the renovation of your site is 1,500 dollars, we can not take 500 dollars from the first site because it is ring-fenced. The most important thing, first of all, is to make sure they can`t grow and build a sewer system without having a connection. The commitment of Agreement 161 to the agreement of Article 32 would therefore lead us to this. The second thing is that we should not be tempted to reduce the value of bonds to the point where we may not be able to finance the renovations. (c) to ensure that water taps installed and used by people to whom water must be delivered or intended for use by the department are safe and do not cause or contribute to the incorrect measurement of water or the echo of pipes. b) an international agreement of which the UK Government is currently a member.

(b) in a sewer or sewage treatment plant held responsible by the Ministry of Domestic Wastewater and Surface Water; 2. The reference to an agreement covered in paragraph 1 contains a reference to an agreement that varies or extends an existing agreement, whether it was concluded before or after 1 October 1973. b) impose specific requirements for other water properties; the essential is a pipe that is entrusted to the department and is a pipe intended to provide [F2" or to provide a general water supply, unlike a single consumer, and which includes all devices used in connection with such a pipe; Frank Stewart (Northern Ireland Water): You can divide the non-accepted evolution into four categories. For us, the definition of an unreased evolution is when no final adoption certificate has been issued or released. The four categories in which we rank our unreased developments are as follows. The first is the backlog sites, and there are about 1,200 on our registration system. Overall, they fall under the section 17 process, which was held before April 2007. Some of these pages date back to the early 1990s.

A considerable number of these unrestrained sites have been completed, which means that the drainage system has been completed, but the developer has not submitted a formal application for the final adoption of these sewers.