I Want to Support the Protesters, but...

I naturally want to support people who claim to be fighting for racial equality because nobody should be treated differently due to the circumstances of their birth. Then I see these people do things like let Al Sharpton give nationally televised speeches in front of millions of viewers, and I can't.

Al Sharpton is a race-baiting, anti-Semitic blackmailing, tax-dodging hypocritical piece of human refuse who should go down in history as nothing more than a bigoted conman who did things like incite rioters to rob and attack Jews, ultimately helping get at least one innocent Jewish bystander murdered.

You cannot tolerate, much less promote or stand next to Al Sharptons and make me believe you care in the slightest about racial equality. Sharpton help lead race riots, modern day American pogroms.

If you want people to think you care about racial equality, the first thing you should do is condemn the single most influential peddler of bigotry this country has. And somehow, it's not Trump.


  1. "Somehow it's not Trump"

    You mean somehow it's not the man who is a completely equal-opportunity insulter? The man who genuinely sees not to give a damn who you are, what you look like, whom you take to bed, who will insult you if he thinks you deserve it, or it will further his political aim, and praise you if he thinks you deserve that, or that it suits his political aims. The man who genuinely wants to help the lot of anyone he can in the US, it seems both because he said he would and because that is what his supporters demand and potential future supporters want to see.

    The media peddle bigotry in Trump's name. If he was a bigot they could do so honestly. In fact they both lie ("animals") and misrepresent what he says and does (the disabled reporter; in general with his insults they make out he personally attacks certain types as opposed to what I pointed out above). He does not project a "nice" persona to the world (although by accounts he is very personable if you meet him). He does not virtue signal, nor does he use polite euphemisms or flowery language. But the last thing he is is a bigot.

  2. Doubting Rich, I agree Donald Trump isn't a racist. His hatred and scorn is purely based on opportunism and selfishness. He supports racism (to an extent) because that's good for him politically, not because he actually hates black people. That's a distinction I wish more people would recognize.

    That said, there is absolutely no reason to believe Trump "genuinely wants to help the lot of anyone he can in the US." Trump has done nothing to support that conclusion. Trump hasn't helped a single person as President without a clear and obvious political objective. He's spent a great deal of time and effort not helping people he could help, helping only those who can give him some sort of political advantage.

    Similarly, the media didn't lie about Trump and "the disabled reporter." Trump made a clearly ablist insult against the reporter, mocking him for his physical disability. Whether or not Trump is ablist in general, the media was completely correct in labeling that insult a form of bigotry. Complaining about that is like complaining when you go around insulting people as "niggers" people call you a racist.

    But no, Trump is not a bigot. He's a narcissistic sociopath who hates anyone he feels has wronged him and will attack anyone for any reason if he thinks doing so will benefit him. He uses and encourages bigotry because it gets him support not because he is actually a bigot.

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