Purpose of Politicians

The primary Purpose of a politician is to serve as a scapegoat for those possessed of a desire to complain about problems and a disdain for any effort at solving them.


  1. I agree.

    "The media" serves a similar purpose. As do "alarmists" and "deniers," and "the left" and "the right."

  2. Scapegoats tend to lack power. They're a convenient target with little recourse to bullying and blame. Even the source of this metaphor from the Old Testament was a lowly animal that carried the transferred sins of the people off into the desert alone. Rarely is a politician so scapegoated that they leave the arena. Usually when they are dismissed it's for their own obvious sins.

  3. OK - I don't agree that it's their *prinary* purpose. It certainly serves as a primary purpose for some, and of course, that works selectively: the politicians people agree with serve a different purpose than those they disagree with.

  4. > If politicians didn't have power, could they actually work as scapegoats?

    > Scapegoats tend to lack power.

    More or less 1/2 the voting public thinks the most powerful person in the world is a victim and is effectively being scapegoated.

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