I Did Something

I did something today I've debated doing for a while. I don't know if it'll have any effect, but I'm happy to have finally decided to go ahead and do it. It'll be interesting to see what, if anything, comes from it over the next couple weeks.

Sorry for being vague. I just wanted to make a note of this for timing purposes.


  1. A.) An experiment to determine how long before a cryptic comment prompted a reply
    B.) A coincidental posting just prior to some sort of involuntary confinement that would lead one to believe “you did something” and it will take months before the real story comes out
    C.) A “note-2-self”, for some reason that may or maybe not be shared later
    D.) A test of a Near-c drive that causes your local time to contract relative to ours so that the 2+ months in our time frame is only ~2 weeks in yours (However, in order to have a 3 month to 3 week earth to ship time ratio you’d have to be at something like 225 g’s acceleration so you’d be dead.

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