Yeah, You're a Bigot*

I am so tired of people saying things like, "I'm not a bigot, I just want illegals to follow the legal process!" Most of the people who say things like that are the same people who demonized "caravans" as an invasion of illegals.

Guess what? People have the right to come to the country and apply for asylum. People you demonize are following the legal process. You constantly spread hate for them anyway. That shows you're full of it. If your concern really were for the law, you wouldn't spew vitriol over people who follow it.

So yeah, that makes you a bigot. Or at least, a xenophobe.


  1. Do people have a right to cross the Rio Grande and apply for asylum, vs applying at the border?

  2. MikeN, I don't get why you ask that question. Do you honestly believe it's part of a potentially a productive approach to having a discussion? I can't imagine you do. How could you? How could you think asking a single, loaded question which is, at best, tangentially related to what is being discussed as your only contribution to a discussion would lead to a productive discussion? There's no reason to think such. Is your goal to ensure no productive discussion might happen? Are you just trying to make some rhetorical point, to troll or what?

    I have no problem with people asking me questions, and I'd happily answer your question if it were asked as part of some conversation. But when people ask seemingly random questions with no demonstrated connection to anything being discussed and no explanation as to why they're being asked, I can't see any reason to answer them. It's not like you said:

    While I get at least some of the caravan members will apply for asylum at border entries, do people have a right to cross the Rio Grande and apply for asylum, vs applying at the border?

    Instead, you asked a question which could literally have been posted on any thread, on any site, with just as much demonstrated relevance. I find that bizarre.

  3. Brandon, Exactly what gives everyone in the world the "right" to come to this country and apply for asylum? That's not technically correct. If you flee a country, you must apply for asylum in the first country you come to that is safe. It's so obvious that the caravans are not refugees, they are economic migrants. Likewise, you are taking what people say and reading their mind and imputing prejudice to them. I'd be careful with this rather prejudicial process as it might indicate that you are prejudiced yourself. There are perfectly legitimate reasons people can have for not wanting more refugees particularly Muslim refugees and you should at least try to look at what those might be.

  4. David Young, you ask what gives people the "right" to do something in response to me saying what the laws of the United States say people have the right to do. I'm not sure how to respond to that. Perhaps you could try addressing something specific I said to explain how you think it is wrong so people could understand whatever points you might have to make.

    Though given the random segue you made by bringing up Muslims for special attention, I don't have much hope for a topical response from you.

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