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I hate the new editor for writing posts in WordPress so I've installed a plugin that's supposed to revert the editor back to the old one. Just testing it out.

But while I'm here, I can't help but share a point of irony. It's a common meme to say the reason the Civil War was fought was "slavery," as though a single word explains everything. That explanation is horribly inept, but I'm intrigued by what happens if we take it at face value. Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus after Congress passed a bill ostensibly giving him the authority to, even though it was blatantly unconstitutional. Lincoln then used this power to have thousands of people, including government officials like judges and state representatives, assaulted, kidnapped and unlawfully detained.

Ironically, the South's most frequently stated reason for wanting to secede is they feared the North would engage in unconstitutional practices to deny them their constitutional right to have slaves. I'd say Lincoln proved them right.


  1. Before anyone goes there, I'm not defending slavery. There are no words to describe how heinous a practice it was. But ultimately, the United States was founded on a compromise which made slavery legal. The South was, legally, right in opposing the North's illegal acts taken to undermine their legal right to have slaves. The North could have used legal means to abolish slavery, but it didn't have the support of enough people so it undermined the democratic process instead. When the South seceded in response to this, the North refused to let them go. That is why the Civil War happened.

    The Civil War was not fought to end slavery. That's why there still slaves in the North during the war, and even after the war. The war was fought to prevent states from seceding from the nation, nothing more. Like much of history, there was no "good side" and "bad side." It was a "bad side" and a "worse side." What intrigues me is the side which actively subverted the nation's laws has been forgiven its illegal and abusive acts. It's worrying to know how happy people are to excuse government abuses of authority because they feel the "cause" is right.

  2. If the accurate history of that period were actually taught and understood, we might not have the mindless disposal of Confederate monuments going on now. When history is obliterated we lose all chances of doing better than in the past. It's worrying to me that most people only want to win, not fix problems.

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