1. I wrote this post a couple weeks ago but it apparently didn't go live because a WordPress update changed things about making new posts. I clicked the "Public" button to publish this post like usual, but apparently now you have to double-click the button. I think that's stupid, and I wish I didn't have to use this new WordPress update. I get hosting companies like Dreamhost want you to update software like WordPress for security, but it's obnoxious users are forced to adapt to new UIs just because someone felt a new approach would be "better."

    Quite frankly, the new system for writing posts seems terrible to me. It's not just that I'm used to the old one. I find this new one incredibly unintuitive and difficult to use.

  2. As an old desktop PC user I feel the same way about changes to Windows to accommodate mobile devices. Now there are extra steps for getting something done on my preferred platform and they're not intuitive to an old dog trained another way.

  3. Hey Brandon, I tried to comment on the last post and it didn't go through. But it works here. I have to ask since it's not out of the question. Is it my computer or am I ceased on that post?

  4. Gary, I hate Windows 10. Every time I have to help someone with anything on a PC using it, I feel like I spend more time trying to figure out how to use the OS than to figure out how to solve their problem.

    Ron Graf, yup. I'm not sure why you'd think you're not. I don't believe any of your comments have gone to moderation or anything.

  5. Thanks Brandon, I will try it again.

    On Windows, I have noticed through the years that they are more focused on advancing the look rather than advancing ease of use. Although they do have the many parts with legacy views, other things seem to be reorganized just for the heck of it, like accessing the print manager.

    Maybe it's intentional to keep us used to learning new things. Tech learning definitely becomes more tedious as we age.

  6. News Flash: The Dow just broke 26000 for the third time in the last six months!

    Of course, the higher it goes the more danger of a crash, especially if inflation ticks up.

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