The Chutzpah

I'm trying to get a bunch of work done on a couple gaming-related projects by Christmas so I'm not spending much time keeping up with things in the blogosphere, but a person drew my attention to a tweet and I had to highlight it:

It's really quite obscene. If you don't know why it's so outrageous, read my response to it:

Lewandowsky and many of his compatriots of his field of study have completely misused simple correlation tests by applying them to highly skewed data sets, violating basic requirements for the tests. The tests require data have a symmetrical distribution (which you can't have in a heavily skewed data set), and because of that requirement, the relationships their results represent will be symmetrical.

Lewandowsky has amazing chutzpah to violate the requirement his data have a symmetrical distribution then turn around and say his results prove there is a symmetrical relationship.


  1. Canman, I believe he has everyone you mentioned blocked. It should still show up for anyone who isn't also blocked though. That's why it shows up for me. I have multiple Twitter accounts so as long as any one of them isn't blocked, I can view the tweets just fine. Which is a dumb aspect of Twitter blocking.

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