Prius Too Fast

So I nearly got in a pretty bad car wreck today. Some guy in a sports car decided I was going too slow in my Prius. No prob. He can just go around me. We're on a highway with two lanes going our direction. It's not even a problem he decides to swing back into the right lane even though the left lane was completely clear.

The problem is, somehow, in his nice little sports car, he doesn't accelerate enough so when he swings back into the right lane, he's less than a foot from my car. Panicked, he yanks the wheel left and goes into a full spin, landing in the grass (unharmed). Naturally, when I go to check on him he speeds off before I can even get to his car.

I'm fine as he managed to just barely avoid clipping my car, but I can't get over this. How in the world did this guy wind up in a situation where he would have to say, "The Prius was going too fast"?

November 19, 2017 9:45 Update: This morning when I saw my car, I realized the phrase "close call" might not be entirely accurate:


  1. He probably took off because he was scared by the Spock ears. You are supposed to get back into civilian dress when you leave the convention.

  2. You drive s Prius, Brandon? Geeze, I didn't realize that those commenters downstairs where right when they labeled you as a greeny extremist.

  3. Don Monfort, I've tolerated substanceless comments filled with insults from you in that last thread because I feel Jacobson's critics deserve a chance to make their case. Please limit them to that post. I am not going to have you following me around this blog just to make childish, and quite frankly unfunny, insults. I'd be way more tolerant if you could contribute some decent humor.

    Joshua, people can say whatever they want. I don't care what people think when I'm getting 50+ MPG,

  4. You call that an insult? whatever I'll give you your privacy on this thread. It seems to be a very serious topic. I am sure it will be a very interesting one. Feel free to delete any comment I make.

  5. I know this is probably pointless, but no Don Monfort, I do not call that an insult. Insults come in the form of saying things like you are a buffoon who has nothing to contribute to discussions because you are a pathetic caricature of an online persona which consists of nothing but bluster. You are a coward and an incompetent. The only thing sadder than your puny presence is how you are capable of so much more but are too afraid of any actual exchange of ideas to expose any aspect of yourself lest it be ridiculed.

    I'm not going to say that's a particularly good insult. It wasn't. But then, I prefer to have my discussions come in the form of exchanging ideas and information. Trading silly barbs which accomplish nothing doesn't fit too well in that.

  6. Brandon -

    The only thing sadder than your puny, presence is how you are capable of so much more but are too afraid of any actual exchange of ideas to expose any aspect of yourself lest it, be ridiculed...

    ...I'm not going to say that's a particularly good insult.

    Well, certainly not as creative as Don's insults. But then he has had years of pretty much non-stop practice so that is to be expected. All-in-all it wasn't that bad; and it was spot on - you nailed Don to a T. It will definitely leave a mark - especially, since like most non-stop insulters, Don is quite thin-skinned. If you're not careful he will threaten to take his ball and do go home (a threat he'll stay with for about five minutes).

  7. I've updated the post with an image which shows this may not have been as "close" a call as I had thought.

  8. This is the kind of incident that easily justifies a dash cam. Glad it wasn't a closer call than that though!

  9. I had never considered a dash cam before, but after this, I wonder if maybe it'd be worth investing in one. That I couldn't get any sort of identifiable information on the other car or person involved makes me sad. What if I had lost control of my vehicle and hit something/got hurt? I could give a general description of the car, but that wouldn't accomplish anything. Most likely, the other person would never get caught.

    More importantly though, I think it'd be neat to have a recording of things like this when they happen to you. It's difficult to get a complete picture of what happens in a situation like this when things happen quickly and unexpectedly. A recording would help you, and other people, understand just what happened.

  10. Having just returned from a round-trip to NY City, I appreciate the situation. Two examples of idiots on the road: 1) a large RV towing a small car doing 70+ mph with 40 mph cross-winds fishtailing in its lane and nearly losing control, and 2) two drivers obviously racing at 90 mph while weaving among cars in close proximity across three lanes. We survived but had some scares. I wish someone would devise a way to stop these maniacs.

    As for the Prius great gas mileage, my take is that you'll pay for it at battery replacement time.

  11. Having driven in Chicago, I dread the idea of driving in New York City. People are nuts.

    For the Prius, the value depends on the person. For people who drive aggressively (e.g. speeding, braking and accelerating hard), the value is way lower. If you want to drive 80+ MPH on a daily basis, the Prius isn't going to save you as much. Drive differently though, and you can save a bundle. I'm still proud of the fact I drove 90 miles in a single day at 60 mpg. At the time, it cost me ~$3.50. That's a great deal.

    As for batteries, repairs in general do cost more than a non-hybrid car, but some of the concerns about this are overblown. This Prius has gone well over 100,000 miles, and it has never had any issues with its battery. The batteries are supposed to last as long as the car is expected to last, though I don't know how well that holds up. What I do know is when I checked into potential problems I might face with this Prius given its older age, the battery was one of the top concerns. I did some checking, and while the dealership would charge me three to four thousand, there are other places nowadays which will do it for under one thousand. That's not bad.

    I think what's happening is the longer hybrids are on the market, the more people are becoming familiar with them. As more mechanics become capable of making repairs, the price of those repairs drop. I think a large part of the high repair costs stems from when manufacturers had something of a monopoly on the market. I hope so. I plan to replace this car with another hybrid when the time comes. If repair costs on them keep going down, that'll help their value significantly.

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