Happy Turkey Day!

Scheduling issues prevented my family from getting together to celebrate Thanksgivings Day yesterday so we're doing it today instead. I think that's okay. The date of most holidays is arbitrary so if you want to celebrate one day rather than another, who's to complain? Besides, it sure beats going shopping today.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Turkey Day. I don't actually know how this holiday came about as I'm pretty sure my grade school lessons about pilgrims in their shiny buckles weren't all that accurate, but I can't say I really care. It's a great holiday for spending time with family and something and something... Yeah, I don't know.

I just like to good food.


  1. Whatever the causes and reasons for the tradition, most of us know what it's about. It's a day for thanksgiving. Thus the name, Thanksgiving Day. It isn't Turkey Day. That's what dumb little kids call it. And it is customary to wish folks Happy Thanksgiving, on the actual day of thanksgiving.

  2. Little joshie is another one who gets to sit at the table with short legs and eat with plastic forks. These two little rascals have very similar collections of personality disorders. Although Brandon is by far the more intelligent. I am guessing they both drive rather elderly Priuses and make up little exciting stories for each ding, dent and gash.

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