I had a bit of a bad day today, culminating in a low speed bumper to bumper collision involving my Prius. The damage wasn't too severe, and because the bumper is plastic, I think I should be able to fix the dent by hand. I think some boiling water and pressure in the right spots will be enough to get things back in line. But still, the day was sucky.

Until some company stopped by and brightened my day. I was walking into my garage when I saw this at the light by the door:

Isn't he adorable? Just look at him sunbat5hing:

He's been chilling there on the wall for half an hour now as bugs fly all around him. He doesn't seem interested in eating (maybe he's already full?). He's just all, "Yo, sup?"


  1. We had toad like that under our deck light once. By the end of the summer he a well over a pound and looked like Jabba the Hut.

  2. For whatever reason, it hasn't returned since that night. It's kind of sad. I thought the thing was really cool.

    Also, I plan to resume posting at a regular pace next week. I've been silent largely because I was working on a small project for letting people play a collectible card game online (it's normally played in person). I wanted to take the opportunity to work on that project because I designed a small card game to play in-house with a few friends, and I'm curious if I could get a group of people to play it more often if we could do so online.

    Also, it's my birthday week so there may be a bit of inebriation.

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