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Hey guys. As you guys may be aware, I am working on a new eBook which is slated to be finished by the end of the month. I'm happy to say I am on schedule with it. Unfortunately, it is taking up quite a bit of time so I haven't been as active in posting as I would like. To show I haven't forgotten about this place, I thought I'd share something silly and amusing.

Unfortunately, I lost the letter I got about changes at the DMV. I was going to take a picture of the letter as an Easter joke because the letter instructed me on how I needed to provide proof if any of my information hs changed, such as my name, address, social security number or... date of birth. The joke was going to be, "If you are reborn, does that change your date of birth?"

I can't find that letter though so I found a different image for your amusement.

This is the cover page of a paper published on this page. The page is included in a directory of Working Papers published on the website under the category Publications. You are free to send anyone you want a link to this page.

But whatever you do, do not distribute the paper linked to on that page without permission. That would be wrong. You cannot distribute this paper, posted for all to see on a public webpage, without permission. Because... reasons.

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  1. The distribution warning likely is boilerplate on the title page template and not the authors' doing. Silly, nevertheless.

    One thing interesting about the paper is some of the demographic information in Appendix Table A1 and how they're used to categorize respondents' political/scientific knowledge. My question is: are these a good set of items for that purpose? The paper doesn't indicate (that I can see) how the authors determined which questions to use and their validity as indicators. They're slanted heavily toward the political so is it valid to say they represent scientific knowledge as well? This is a methods question and not a critique of conclusions.

    Know which party is more conservative in the U.S. (76% correct; 24% incorrect)
    Know majority required to over-ride a Presidential veto (61% correct; 39% incorrect)
    Know which party has majority in U.S. House (62% correct; 38% incorrect)
    Know whose responsibility it is to declare law unconstitutional (80% correct; 20% incorrect)
    Know current U.S. Sec. of State (67% correct; 33% incorrect)
    Know whether most of the oil imported to the US comes from the Middle East (41% correct; 59% incorrect)
    Know whether there is currently a ban on drilling for oil and gas off the Atlantic Coast and in the eastern Gulf of Mexico (26% correct; 74% incorrect)
    Know what country is the world’s largest exporter of crude oil (40% correct; 60% incorrect)
    Know which of the following is not a renewable energy source (62% correct; 38% incorrect)
    Is it true or false that lasers work by focusing sound waves? (51% correct; 49% incorrect)
    Which travels faster: light or sound? (84% correct; 16% incorrect)
    0 correct = 2.03%; 1 correct = 1.96%; 2 correct = 4.06%; 3 correct = 6.55%; 4 correct = 6.02%; 5 correct = 11.59%; 6 correct
    = 12.79%; 7 correct = 14.15%; 8 correct = 15.73%; 9 correct = 14.67%; 10 correct = 7.98%; 11 correct = 2.48%

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