1. I think you are alright. Once we have infilled and smoothed the data, it will show the rise is only 1° per decade;-)

  2. The official normal is 98.6 F for under the tongue for 3 min. Rectal normal is slight bit higher I think.

    The traditional mercury thermometers you needed to shake down before use.

    Don't boil a medical thermometer. It might break it, especially if its the infrared beam kind.

    Then bowl of chicken soup afterwards -- it doesn't hurt.

  3. I decided to try taking my temperature again. I can't find my thermometer. I might have lost it. There is also a chance it never existed. I will not rule out the possibility this is all a fever-induced hallucination.

    What worries me is if that was a hallucination, did I put anything in my mouth? If so, what?

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