Who Needs a Court System?

Readers will know I am not a fan of Donald Trump for a variety of reasons, like him constantly saying things which aren't true. That he was elected as president obviously bothers me. I've been trying not to talk about that though. The point of this site is ultimately to explore my belief the world is insane, but Trump's election is too obvious an example.

Still, I can resist only so much. It would be fun to talk about how Trump managed to issue an executive order in a more incompetent manner than has ever been seen before. It would be fun to talk about how Trump claims the cancellation of his meeting with the President of Mexico was mutual because on Twitter he said:

And the guy responded by canceling the meeting. I mean, not only is that an incredibly strained definition of "mutual," it is hard to resist talking about how Trump apparently thinks he negotiated this cancelation via Twitter. Still, I managed. I managed right up until I saw this tweet:

I had to check for myself because that seemed too funny. How could the government fail to include one of its three branches on its White House website? I don't have an answer for that, but I can confirm it is true. The judicial branch no longer has a web page on the White House website.

It gets worse. Paul Soulellis showed a screenshot of a listing of links. It's always possible the link wasn't posted even though the web page was. We can check that by going to the URL the page ought to be at:


The page doesn't exist. To be safe, we can confirm that's where the page ought to be. Here is the URL for the archived version of the page from the Obama administration:


Here's a screenshot showing the same links as in Trump's White House site:

It looks a little different than the image in Soulellis's tweet because he was on a mobile device. Here's what I get when I load the same thing in my browser:

As you can see, the list of links on the right is missing two entries the Obama page had: Judicial Branch and Resources. You might think the Resources page is missing because it pointed to resources suited for Obama's administration rather than Trump's, but here's what it actually shows:

It's difficult to imagine why Trump's administration would not want any of those resources to be available to the public. Still, you might think the Trump administration just needs some time. After all, if it wants to rewrite the pages on the White House web site, that might take a little while. That's not the case though. This is how the Executive Branch web page starts:

Here is the same thing taken from the Obama version of the page:

As you can see, the articles are identical. The Trump administration has simply copied and pasted the old web pages. The pages given as The Executive Branch, The Legislative Branch, The Constitution, Federal Agencies & Commissions and State & Local Government have been left completely unchanged. The only page which has been changed is the Elections & Voting page, which was previously:

But is now:

A picture of Obama voting was replaced with a picture of Trump. That's it. That's the only change the Trump administration has made to these pages. That would have taken all of a couple minutes. No time has been put into updating or modifying these pages. Given that, it is completely bizarre the Judicial Branch and Resources pages have disappeared.

There are all sorts of jokes we could make about how Trump is trying to get rid of the Judicial Branch. We could even joke about how Trump doesn't want people to have Resources which could let them learn things he doesn't want them to know. I'm not feeling that witty. I'll just close this post by asking, "Why?" I can't imagine any nefarious reason for this, but at the same time, how could it have happened by mistake?

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  1. A couple hours ago, the Judicial Branch webpage was added back to the White House web site. The Resources page has not been added. As far as I know, nobody from the administration or White House staff has said anything about this.

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