Precise Paleoclimatology

Readers familiar with my writings will be familiar with the idea of paleoclimatology. It's basically a study of climate over long periods of time. It gives rise to reconstructions of temperatures, precipitation and various other factors over hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of years.

I'm not impressed by the field as a whole. I think there is a lot of good work done in it, but I also think a lot of bad work has been allowed to tarnish the field and skew its conclusions. That's not important for today's post though. Today, I just want to show people the most precise estimates I've seen of temperatures nearly two hundred centuries past. I came across them because of a tweet:

In case you can't see the chart in that tweet, I'm copying it below:



  1. I thought you'd made a mistake, but even adjusting for that didn't match your chart.
    Finally figure out the point.

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