Some Things Are Just Too Dumb

Normally, when I see something ridiculous I want to discuss why it is ridiculous. Some things are just too dumb though. Usually that means I just ignore them, but I think I might try something else for a bit. Instead of ignoring these comments or discussing what about them is so ridiculous, I'll just quote them without comment.

I'll start this off with something said by one Victor Venema at the blogger Anders's place. Note, nobody there expressed any disagreement with this:

I am happy to call Anthony Watts a hypocrite. Given that according to his political movement CO2 is life and society will benefit from higher temperatures. Given that according to his movement you should practice what you preach, he should walk the walk and only use electricity from coal and fuel from tar sands. Even if the solar energy was cheaper with federal subsidies, he should be wiling to pay that little extra for his ideals.

Some things really are just too stupid.

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