You're Disturbingly Stupid

I try not to talk about politics much here because my views are a bit out there, and quite frankly, most political discussions are pointless and boring. I've had a bit of writer's block on what to post here recently though, so I"m going to delve into politics just a little.

Don't worry, I'm not really going to discuss politics. I'm just going to show you what is unquestionably the dumbest political propaganda I've ever seen. Or at least, the propaganda which requires the dumbest audience to work:


That was posted by a person I know on Facebook. I assume he copied it from somewhere else, but I really don't care. The idea anyone I know would repost something like this as anything other than a joke or attempt to mock Trump supporters disturbs me. You have to be the stupidest of the stupid to look at this and think it makes any sense at all.

So yeah, if you find yourself agreeing with this image, please do me a favor and just don't talk to me. Ever. You creep me out.


  1. It makes sense. Trump supporters are people who know there's something very wrong with the status quo,
    including the media, Hollywood, the education -from grade school all the way to university- a big part of academia.
    They know there's something wrong... but that's all they know.
    For whatever reason they trusted Donald Trump and since they already don't trust the media, academia, etc...
    Trump supporters are prone to believe anything and there's little that will change their minds.

  2. Now, I'm not saying they are irrational
    I'm saying that there's little Trump supporters trust more than Trump.

    You can argue that's irrational but I don't think so... It's like an argument by contradiction;
    Everything they thought made sense and was trust worthy has become proudly corrupted by political correctness, the social issues, the planet...
    so 0=1 therefore Trump can be a good business men and be a terrible businessmen at the same time. It can be someone that has played the system at the dirtiest levels but it's an outsider.

    It's really bizarre how Trump has become the last chance of the western way of life in the minds of so many people. But that has to do half with Trump personality and half with years of big "white lies" that nobody is allowed to question.

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