Donald Trump for President!

There's been a meandering discussion about this and that over at lucia's blog, and one of the topics has involved the Syrian refugee crisis and Donald Trump. The details don't matter. I just wanted to copy over a short excerpt from one of my comments because it summarizes my views on Trump's race for election so far:

I personally believe Americans who can’t strongly and vigorously criticize Donald Trump for being a delusional and racist blowhard should be deported to another planet for the sake of the human race. But hey, instead, we give him billions of dollars and consider electing him president. And he’s not even threatening to murder us if we criticize him!


  1. Tony, I know I've heard talk that illegal immigration levels in the United States have largely stabilized, though given the difficulty of actually verifying details about illegal immigrants, I haven't found out how true that is. It wouldn't surprise me overly much if what you say is true though. Immigration really isn't the problem people in this country make it out to be. I don't know about in yours.

    As for Trump, he is quite possibly the worst candidate in the history of the United States. Leaving aside that he's racist and narcissistic, and leaving aside the fact he constantly says things which are indisputably false then insists they're true, he has something most candidates don't have: a chance.

    There have been plenty of laughable candidates before, some likely worse people than Trump, but they didn't drag a significant portion of the country down by turning them into (or at least exposing them as) deranged maniacs willing to say and support anything, no matter how irrational or untrue, to get solutions.

    That's how people like Hitler could achieve power. They directly appeal to an irrational, emotional element in the population in order to get them to support xenophobic or otherwise bigoted platforms, and they build their base from the idea only the Supreme Leader can save the populace from the evil "others."

    And before anyone shouts, "Godwin's Law!" let me ask this, aside from the era they were born in, what makes the two so different?

  2. Trump is seen as a figure of fun over here and he didn't make himself Popular by creating a golf course on a previously undeveloped piece of coast. He seems an unpleasant piece of work but the other candidates don't seem any better . I guess he is not seen as one of the Political establishment and that he stands up for America and that plays well at present

    If you are at a loose end I would be interested to have your comments on my latest article at CE.


  3. I suspect you're side of the ocean is fortunate enough to avoid hearing about much of the nonsense Trump says and does. You might have, however, heard about how he said he saw thousands of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating (on television) when the World Trade Centers collapsed. Not only was this false and a horrible smear to the Muslim community of New Jersey, Trump then turned around and claimed he was owed an apology by the people who claimed he was wrong after people pointed to unproven allegations of a few people celebrating on rooftops... despite the fact they were unproven, meaning they obviously couldn't have been on television for him to see, and a few people is not thousands (or a reason to smear an ethnic group). Or that Trump had also claimed the story was well covered at the time, and the only reason people don't talk about it now is political correctness.

    Or there is the tweet he retweeted with an image of a racial stereotype of a black criminal and fabricated statistics from a non-existent organization which were basically portrayed black people as responsible for all crime. And when confronted on this, he defended himself saying the tweet came from a credible, respected source... even though the man is a Neo-Nazi who constantly tweets racist remarks.

    And that's just in the last week or so. Yeah, he's a vile man nobody should give a public platform to. He's rich so he'll always be able to ensure he can be heard, but people could at least stop paying attention.

    But anyway, I'll try not to ramble on/rant too much. I'm actually out for the evening, but I'd be happy to check out your post when I get home. Supposedly there's some holiday here tomorrow, but who pays attention to those?

  4. Brandon,

    I think this is the first time I've ever disagreed with one of your blogs, although I'm not sure it's as much a disagreement as a "dude, it could be worse".

    I live in Canada and our recent campaign/election for prime minister could very nearly fit between your presidential debates, I think it lasted all of 8 weeks. Bang! New prime minister, new government, new direction etc...

    The US election (by comparison) is a marathon, which seems to most of us in Canada as a ridiculous waste of time and resources. Why in the world would you need the better part of two years to elect a leader? But here's the thing, it helps weed out the crazies.

    We're fortunate in Canada that we have a relatively easy going, mostly moderate populace (except during the Stanley Cup) because given the short time frame of our elections, it's conceivable that a bat shit crazy individual could slip into power in a very short period of time. There's really no conventional vetting process here. It's just by luck that our candidates have been fairly bland and have had to sit in parliament long enough to be exposed for exactly who they are.

    I've digressed a lot here but what I'm trying to say is that for all of it's flaws, I believe that the US earns the president they get for their particular moment in time. I truly believe that the system, especially in the internet age, is the best system to ensure the best candidate makes it to power. In short, if Donald Trump is the racist pig (all due respect) you and I both know him to be, he'll most certainly be relegated to the ash heap of the other crazies before him. But if he does make it through the Republican primaries and by some miracle, manages to persuade enough Democratic voters (who will undoubtedly picture his naked, bloated body violating someone they love) to vote for him, then I believe they will have elected the best candidate for their time.

    Obama was the antidote to Bush's single minded focus on Iraq. Bush was the antidote to Clinton's lack or personal character. Clinton was the antidote to Bush/Reagan's defense debt spending. Reagan was the antidote to Carter's malaise. Carter was the antidote to Nixon's dishonesty factor. Nixon was the antidote to Vietnam etc...

    Hitler rose to power when media took weeks, not seconds, to reach an audience, and Hitler rose to power in an era when war deaths were calculated in the millions, not the thousands. Hitler also rose to power during a period of 30% unemployment. Hitler also didn't tweet stupid shit.

    I knew Hitler, Donald Trump is no Hitler.

  5. MIchaelS, I like to think the only reason Donald Trump is doing well at all is we are still so far away from the actual election people aren't taking things seriously yet. If that's true, then... Americans will just look really bad for the next however long. That's not too horrible, I guess.

    The problem with that idea is people expected Trump to crash and burn dozens of times so far. He hasn't. Every single thing he's done that "should" have caused him problems hasn't. So far, there's no real indication people are going to stop putting their confidence in him. That's a scary thought. If he can keep this up through the primaries and win the Republican nomination, he might become the president.

    Yeah, I said it. I think Trump is a horrible person who should be completely unelectable, but if you look at the Democratic field, he could win. I'm not sure Trump even needs Democrat votes to win the election, but if Sanders gets the nomination, there's a significant bloc of Democrats who'll be in a bind because of how socialist Sanders is. Trump might seem like a better choice to them. And if Hilary wins, there are a lot of Democrats who thinks she's just too corrupt/stereotypical Washington to vote for him. An "outsider" like Trump could win them over.

    If the Republican party goes full-on crazy and completely endorses Trump, getting him to tone down the worst of his insanity, he could win. And that's not as far-fetched as you think. Quite a few Republicans figures have already said they'll vote for Trump if he wins the nomination, including John McCain who Trump mocked for being a PoW. Yes, Trump can mock people for being captive and tortured for years and still run for president while counting on their vote.

    I want to believe there is some limit to the obscenity people will tolerate from him, but it's difficult given what has been tolerated so far. There is some indication more people are pushing back against Trump now, and maybe some sanity will start to be restored, but who knows. Especially if there's any significant terrorist attack or similar thing he can use in his race-baiting, he might be able to continue on as he always has. But if that happens and he becomes president, I agree with you when you say:

    then I believe they will have elected the best candidate for their time.

    Because sometimes the best thing for people is something horrible. Sometimes there's just no other option than to let people screw up and learn from their mistake.

    Hitler rose to power when media took weeks, not seconds, to reach an audience, and Hitler rose to power in an era when war deaths were calculated in the millions, not the thousands. Hitler also rose to power during a period of 30% unemployment. Hitler also didn’t tweet stupid shit.

    I knew Hitler, Donald Trump is no Hitler.

    Of course Trump isn't Hitler. He doesn't have the opportunities Hitler had. He can't order the mass genocide of Jews. All he can do is say he'd be open to forcing Muslims to have special IDs specifically identifying them for special scrutiny... like Hitler said he wanted to do with the Jews, before he did do it... before he ordered the genocide begin. That Trump can't actually implement his plan doesn't do much to downplay the disturbing similarity in concept it has. That's because pointing out the difference in circumstances in the lives of two people doesn't do much to downplay the similarities in their actions.

    But yeah, I'm still hoping this is just a case of nobody really caring about the campaigns because of how far off the election is. That's the only thing that lets me talk to some people right now. I keep seeing people post things on Facebook about how great Trump would be as president, or hearing them talk about him when I'm out and about, and it's actually kind of scary.

    The really scary thing is Trump may not be as crazy as he seems. He might know what he's doing. This could all be an act, with him doing these ridiculous things because he knows they'll work. If that's the case, he may be another Richard Nixon.

  6. Brandon,

    This article in the Globe and Mail echoes some of the remarks you made here.

    [ital]As Mr. Trump’s rhetoric has become more heated, commentators have been scrambling to the textbooks to note the characteristics of interwar fascism, seeking whether his histrionics match the scholars’ portraits of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and other famous exemplars.
    What they have not found in the texts, however, is unanimity or a uniform fascist model. Rather, the 1930s and 1940s suggest a grab bag of demagogic populist authoritarians, with fascists feeding parasitically on their own national cultures – whether German, French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian or whatever. No two fascist movements were exactly alike.[/ital]

  7. I hope that's a sign more people are coming to realize how utterly insane/disgusting Donald Trump is.

    On most blogs, you can use HTML format to do things like italicize text. That means you just put <> and around whatever text you want to alter, then add the letter/string corresponding to what you want to do. So basically the same thing you were trying to do, except you use different symbols, and in HTML, you only need to use "i" not "ital." Bold is "b," and you can quote things with "blockquote."

  8. Given how politicians are prone to equivocating "decreases in the pace of increase in the deficit" with "actual decreases in the deficit", it could very well be that the rate of increase in the influx of immigrants has slowed. Who knows. We don't have a competent management program in place that could give anything other than guesses or anecdotal data points.

    As a conservative, and one who finds core conservative principles imminently defensible, I'm a little in shock that Trump is the current forerunner. His consistently terrible hyperbole aren't particularly helpful, but seem to be contrasted with a field of politicians who seem to be promising us no solutions to these challenges at all, or are in fact, urging just the opposite.

    What I like about Trump (not that it makes him presidential material) is the idea of someone who would bring business practices and common sense negotiation skills to the table. Our negotiations with Iran have been embarrassing, to say the least. In fact, I'd say we do not have a coherent strategy for negotiating with middle eastern countries, whose cultural practices of conducting business differ significantly from those of their European and Asian counterparts.

    Further, much of the 20th century was marked by geographic limitations to immigration, up to and including specific restrictions Carter had in place. We simply cannot put the bulk of the rest of the world on our payroll every time they have a crisis in their countries. I do not see even a hint of concern from Democrats that this is not a sustainable mathematical model. I don't see many of the Republican field addressing this at all, either.

    If, as seems to be the case, that we need to import cheap labor because "Americans won't do those jobs", then shame on our policy makers for taking that part of the American Dream and burying it underneath a regulatory and tax dung heap. The idea that everyone needs a college education is great, but not realistic. My grandparents were able to raise larger families on blue collar wages. If people cannot do this today,then we need to look at our domestic policies, not our labor importation policies. Because, in the end, the children of the immigrants will realize the American Dream has been smashed for them, too, and the problem will simply be exacerbated.

    It's not an easy problem or set of problems to solve, and I really don't see any coherent attempts to answer this from either field of candidates, and that's scary.

  9. I largely agree. Sadly, I think politicians cater to what the people want. Which is sad not because that's necessarily bad or wrong, but because it suggests the American people are actually choosing the quagmire we're in.

    I haven't seen a single candidate for president who I'd actually be happy to vote for. It's rare I see any politician I'd want in office. It always seems the things I'd want from a candidate are things that don't make one popular, or even make one unpopular. For instance, any Republican candidate who wants me to take them seriously should call Donald Trump a racist xenophobe who would be horrible for the country. I doubt any will. The reason is they know doing so will cost them votes.

    Ultimately, it seems doing anything that involves taking a stand or being firm will cost a politician votes as it will alienate some people. That leads to politicians never wanting to be firm on anything. That leads to poor policy. That's especially apparent with foreign policy. There are many courses the country could justifiably take when it comes to any number of foreign issues, but a strong country needs to pick a path and stick with it. It's fine to change courses when it's decided the old course has failed, but until that happens, you have to stand by your decisions. Being wishy-washy on things dooms you to failure.

    But that's still better than electing a delusional bigot like Trump to office.

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