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Hey guys. I've been wanting to self-host this blog rather than use the WordPress servers for quite a while now as it gives me far greater control over my site. My previous attempts to transfer the blog to this domain failed miserably, but I think things may be working this time. Could you let me know if you have any problems?

Also, if you have a preference on whether or not I go through with this transfer, feel free to let me know. The greater flexibility offered by self-hosting means my options are limited only by my imagination, skill and motivation. I can obviously change themes now, but I can also change how individual aspects look, add new functions and even tie in external applications if I want.

And of course, if you just want things to look different, feel free to let me know. I don't have my heart set on this appearance. I picked it because it was the best option of the few WordPress let me have for free.

Oh, and I want to test media upload/attachments so I'm including a picture below. It has no meaning. I just like how it looks.



  1. Thanks CoRev. Your comment was taken without any problems. It just had to clear moderation!

  2. Thanks DGH. I was testing out the various widgets and bars to see if I liked any. I thought I had deleted all of them, but apparently not. The "asdf" was just a random name to put in the field as a placeholder.

  3. I removed the footer DGH mentioned, but a person on Twitter pointed out there's a problem with images on the site. If you look at images on previous posts, you'll find they are blurry. Apparently there's a problem with how images are being resized by WordPress. To add to the difficulty, it appears all of the image links are still going back to the original site. I can fix this by going back through and modifying all the links and possibly reuploading all the files, but that's quite a bit of work.

    I think I should be able to automate the changes I need to make it easier on me, but it'd still require writing some scripts. For now, I think I may just have to live with the blurriness in the older posts. It shouldn't be an issue for anything I post from here on though.

  4. One thing you might consider while upgrading your site is increasing the font size in your quote blocks. I find the italicized small fond difficult to read and I suspect a lot of other climate blog readers (who tend to be older) might also.

  5. Canman, sorry for the slowness of this response (and releasing your comment from moderation). When you use's hosting, you get a bar on top of your screen when visiting any blog which gives you alerts when you receive a new comment. Since this site is not part of the WordPress network, I don't get those alerts for it. I forgot about that and didn't go to my site to check for new comments.

    On the issue of text sizes, I actually have been setting text sizes manually. I wasn't supposed to be able to do that with WordPress's free hosting, but I found a workaround which let me. The reason I did it is I hate having quotes look similar to regular text. This theme doesn't use a box or color or anything like that to separate the two, so the only differences are a slight indentation and the italicization of the text. I think that looks terrible. The quoted text being somewhat small for people is unfortunate, but I feel it was better than the alternative. That's especially true since you can adjust the size of text of any page you're reading just by holding Ctrl and pressing the + or - key (or spinning your scroll wheel).

    Still, a lot of people don't seem to be aware of that browser feature, so I've always looked at increasing the font size of the site in general. That is, quotes' text would still be a size smaller than the regular text, but all text would have its size increased a little. I plan on giving that a try this week. I might get it implemented tonight, but I've been writing a new post so I don't know. I'd like to implement the change for when people are reading the new post so they can tell me what they think, but it'll depend on how straightforward changing the configuration for this theme will be.

    Anyway, I hope you'll come back sometime in the next couple days and find things more to your liking. If not, feel free to let me know. There are (now) a number of other ways I can offset quoted text without changing font sizes.

  6. I've tested a solution to the image fuzziness problem in the newest post. I think it should work for the site as a whole, but there may be an alternative if I can find out why WordPress's image resizing is causing problems and fix that. It'd save me a fair amount of effort. Until then, I can go with what I've figured out so far.

    Burying the lede, I've made some relatively minor tweaks to the site's CSS file. They mostly change some spacing issues which bothered me, but I also increased the font size of text in blockquotes. I didn't adjust the font size for the regular text because it seemed too big when I did, but there is still a small difference between the two fonts. I can make further changes if people want it.

  7. Thanks for reminding me about browser zoom tools. I actually have used them years ago and have just forgotten about them. I've been using the Windows Magnifier Tool.

  8. Canman, no problem. The magnifier tool you mention does have its uses, but the built-in zoom feature of browsers is usually better for anything involving browsers.

    Random note. The only two comments I ever removed because of breaking the site's rules were just shifted to my moderation queue so I could examine them if I ever wanted. Somehow they got deleted for real. I think my comment filter did it. It's kind of sad. I meant to revisit the one because it amused me. I may have to see if I can find it on the original blog.

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