I'm a Racist?

Apparently I am a racist. I told a person to watch the show Red Eye, and this is the text exchange that followed. Is it because its on Fox News?

Uh the internet describes red eye as being hosted by a self described libertarian who used to be a maxim editor. And was made to be hip and maybe even edgy??
Racism and homophobia are hailarious??
How dare you.
Im sensiing annoying white guy that thinks the word satire excuses everything, and i could get that on the other "funny"news shows i already dont watch.
So i say again. How dare you.

Racism and homophobia...? What are you smoking?

Looking at what this internet is telling me. Im not talking about blatent redneck shit, obvi, cuz it almost never is. But the same shit none the less.

The show isn't racist or homophobic, and anyone who thinks it is is an idiot.

Your opinions on these things as a white and as far as i know straight dude means **** all to me. bro.

Uh... that strikes me as rather racist.

I didnt see anyone describe it as such cause i didnt care about that just what has happened on it/its format.
Only if you believe that racism isnt created/enforced by social structures. And doing so makes a person a baby level piss goblin so
Cuz while a show means next to nothing to me, systems of oppresion that actively harm me and benefit from my status as a second class citizen? Big deal.
Haha now i get to wonder if defending a tv show matters more to you than the than the violence i experence thnx to the dominant class
haha kill me now

Nah. I just think you sound nutso.

Funny how that works
But w/e. I hate to admit it, but i dont have it in me atm to find out whether you consider me and everyone unlike you to be acutual human beings.

I think calling a show racist and homophobic without having watched it does seem nutso.

I was going by quotes from the show primarily if that helps you to understand why its hella insulting to call me crazy for being able to infer racist/sexist/homophobic content. From a show that exists in a culture seeped in these things. Like i havent been navigating around these attitudes my entire life.

You're telling a person who has watched the show, and seen nothing of the sort, that it's there based upon... I don't even know what.
And then you're saying my opinion, based on actually watching the show, doesn't matter because I'm white.

White people sure as shit didnt see it as racism at work when black children were being chased by dogs on their way to school and integration protesters called them apes and black shools were just crap. This was what they said was an equal oppertunity for education. And when racism occours in more subtle forms what makes you think white people are any less oblivious to problems that clash with their white supremecist world view?

I... uh... what? I have white supremacist views? You're a loon.

And youre denying your privilidge which is hilariously an important aspect of privilidge
I could watch the show and point out everything, but i dont feel like subjecting myself to more of the same when i can easily avoid it right now.
I have white supremecist views. Its called internalized racism. Ive grown up in the same culture as you while black and i have to fight against it in myself
Whereas you are clearly the fabled True Objective White Man here to save us all since your mind of steel shielded you from every toxic aspect of our culture
you know i had been hoping maybe you had thought about this a little before. even tho ive never not been let down. I like to wish sometimes.
I still hope you can listen. Itd be easy for you to dismiss everything ive said and to find reassurance that im wrong by turning on the tv or finding other people whod love to disagree. I can say i wouldnt as you. But that is the very reason we ended up having this conversation.

Nope. I'm pretty sure the reason we wound up having this conversation is you decided a show is racist and homophobic with no basis then declared people disagreeing with you are racists.

Yeah. Thats totally it.


  1. A complete description of this individual's attitude in two words: "Postmodern Tribalism".

    His entire identity is tied up in his ethnicity. He cannot operate except from inside his victim-hood. sad...

    Reminds me if the UCSB prof last week. She felt she was a good example to her students of how to stand up to "hate".

  2. The charge of 'racism' has become so abused that the appellation is almost a badge of honor. Too bad some didn't pay attention to the parable of the little boy who cried wolf.

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