2012-03-22 15:39:46Compelling Graphics which could be a resource for people to print out to assist them in convincing lamen of the global warming story


I have just returned from a trip to Windsor Castle.  By complete coincidence at the train station at Windsor was a series of about twenty giant, compelling graphics warning people of the catastrophe in waiting which is the whole tar sands debacle.  Check them out here at www.tarnishedearth.co.uk.  This strikes me as being an extremely powerful way to educate people.  Skeptical Science seems like the perfect place to collate a similar series of compelling graphics to tell the story of climate change.  My idea is to set them up similarly in a public place (say the local markets) and use them to draw attention and to assist someone in explaining to a lamen what AGW is all about.  I'm convinced that the average person still has very little idea but with a bit of help could be quickly convinced.  I'm after suggestions as to what set of 20 graphs, pictures etc would be best for this purpose.  Some obvious ones come to mind such as CO2 v's Time, Summer Arctic sea ice extent, Solar irradience, atmospheric absorption spectrum, average global temperatures (the hockey stick) and the breakdown of warming sinks.  Suggestions?

2012-03-22 16:17:19
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey
PIOMAS volume (I'll give a link later)
2012-03-22 16:26:43
John Cook


Total Heat Content is always a personal fave, perhaps with a note saying the planet is building up heat at a rate of 2 Hiroshima bombs per second. Created a short link for this one at http://sks.to/totalheatcontent

Also like warming indicators and human fingerprints. Note - I've done sexier versions of those two graphics which I've yet to upload to the website.

And I can't begin to highlight the importance of communicating the scientific consensus.

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Thanks guys.

John, I think my warming sinks are your total heat content.

Great suggestions, keep them coming.