2012-03-18 21:38:07Feedback about making SkS more searchable.navigable
John Cook


Just got this feedback and in response made some tweaks to the search form but updating the search page is something that needs a lot more development, perhaps an Advanced Search form (something to work on when SkS coding is crowd sourced):

Thanks to SKS for a gold-mine of useful information. However, I think you are wasting a lot of the considerable efforts put into producing the articles by not making it easier to find old information. I have just been searching for a graph that I remember seeing a few weeks ago in a then current article, but I find that the list of articles on your home page does not continue beyond page one - there is no 'next' button leading to an archive of past articles. Also, when I try to search for the article by subject, a list of possible articles is presented but they are not DATED, making it more difficult to identify the correct article.
I often find that I read something that is useful, but unless I archive it myself at the time it then effectively disappears. (I've moaned at Tamino at times for much the same reason.)

So, if it is possible to enable the home page articles to be extended into an archive of past pages, and to date all articles, that would help. I appreciate that this kind of website management is not the most interesting of activities, but otherwise I fear that some of the pearls that you are casting are rapidly sinking into the mud of obscurity, which is a shame.

2012-03-19 00:52:25
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

The News Archive link at the bottom of the roll of current articles does indeed list all articles in their sequential order of release.  An imperfect feature, but better than none.  An improved search functionality that also returned dates (more work for coders) is very much needed.