2012-03-17 10:30:27Email about a website about climate graphs
John Cook


Got this email about a website featuring climate graphs, just post here in case anyone is interested. Nice interface:

I have a website that is updating the "new record highs" and "new record lows" data I obtain through the NOAA website on a daily and monthly basis.  The first graph "piggybacks" off of previous graphs done from 1950 through 1999 by others.  But I was more curious as to the RECENT data and how it looked.  So I have put together graphs that "walk" someone down from a "40,000 foot level" here:


...down to a "month-to-month" level here:


The first graph keeps an updated "prior 365 days" bar that is updated daily.  The month-to-month graph (the second graph noted above) keeps month-by-month graphs for the prior 18 months including the most current month (in this case a month-to-date for March).

In addition, I will be posting the SUPPORTING DATA at some point over the next month or so, in excel format that I downloaded from the NOAA site.

I am a CPA by training, so obviously I am no scientist.  But we (CPA's) are "skeptics" by nature...and that is a healthy thing. We ask questions of ANY data....and we look for "independent corroboration" of that data.  That really is the genesis of the website that I have put together recently (atclimatechangegraphs.blogspot.com)

The "idea" of my website is to give people "visual facts"....no spin.

I will be posting the supporting data from NOAA that I used to prepare the graphs so that others can "prove" the accuracy of the graphs for themselves. The data from 2000 - 2009 will be posted in "summary form", while the data from 2010 forward will be posted in DETAIL LINE ITEM FORM for every month starting in January of 2010.  The supporting data posting will likely be available WITHIN the next month or so, and I will provide a LINK on the above website where those interested in using the data can copy or download it.

Thanks...and keep up your good work!

2012-03-17 17:59:27Something weird is happening for me....


when I follow the blogspot.com links (and even if I type them in manually): they all autoamtically convert to ...blogspot.de where obviously nothing is found. Anybody know if this is a "feature" for blogspot where once location is automatically incorporated/substituted in the link?

2012-03-19 06:26:25
John Murphy

I get ...blogspot.co.uk

(I'm in the UK)