2012-03-13 05:48:54Does SkS have a Citizen Journalists team? Action proposal: ask earth sci teachers their recommended CliSci resource for laymen


Hi All - What with the Carleton University revelation that climate denial's being taught by a PR guy, it seems to me the way to find out the quality of climate science teaching in colleges (or K-12 for that matter) is to ask the professor for what resource they recommend to an intelligent citizen who only has 2-3 hours to spend, to become informed about climate change science, risks and policies for action.

I would love to see a compilation of their recommendations (and unwillingnesses to provide, respectively), since it's likely to serve as an excellent proxy for what they're actually teaching.

Is this a project for SkS?  And could/should we distribute it more widely, and if so, to what other blogs or groups?

(Probably a pilot study ought to be done first, especially since it's possible that few teachers, even the science-aligned ones, have thought about this.)